December 31, 2015
One never knows the power of kindness. Often its effect manifests itself in unlikely places.

I started my morning thinking i was doing a nice deed for a co-worker. I ran out of the office to gather balloons to decorate his desk to celebrate the arrival of his new grandson.

It was drizzling lightly when I stepped outside without my coat. I walked a block to the balloon store and engaged in a healthy debate with the store workers about the fate of the NY Giants this season. I  then headed back to the office, the balloons in tow.

On the corner, while waiting for the light to change, a homeless man approached me. Although we are all fatigued from the requests from our increasing homeless population, I decided to engage in pleasantries.

I mentioned to him that I had run out of my office so quickly to get the balloons that I didn’t realize it was raining and here I was without a coat.

He replied, “is your office far?” Before I could answer, he removed his coat and handed it to me.

I was overwhelmed by this simple act of genuine kindness and generosity. Deeply moved, my faith in humanity given a healthy boost, I thanked the man and, as the light turned green, I handed him $20 bill and wished him a very Merry Christmas.

Dr. Nancy Simpkins, M.D.
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